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Presale Process: What We Fix

At E-Z Loan Auto Sales, you can buy your vehicle with confidence. Our vehicles undergo a rigorous reconditioning process to ensure the best conditioned vehicle is on our lot waiting for you. As our customer, we want you to have a full understanding of our presale process so you can drive away with confidence in your new vehicle. 

Step 1: Vehicle selection
Our buying team has over 50 years experience in the industry and travels outside of New York every week to ensure we have the opportunity to provide you with the best inventory possible.

The first step in our inventory selection process is in-depth research on hundreds of vehicles on a weekly basis. We focus on vehicles located out of state. The reason for this is because southern vehicles provide the highest quality used vehicle as they don’t endure harsh winters like northern vehicles. Salt on vehicles is the #1 culprit of rust, and by purchasing vehicles out of state, we can avoid vehicles that are going to rust. After our detailed research is complete, we come up with 100-200 potential vehicles that meet our criteria. Our buying team then looks over the vehicles and are able to visual inspect them and check them over prior to purchasing.  In most cases, we end up purchasing about 30-40 of the 100-200 vehicles that meet our quality standards. We are very selective in our buying process. 

Step 2: Vehicle reconditioning
Our New York State certified mechanics follow a multi-point visual inspection to ensure each vehicle is reconditioned and certified to state standards. This includes a complete oil change, brake reliability check, road test, and detailing. Our goal is to find and repair everything necessary before the sale so you don’t have to after the sale! The average amount we spend per car exceeds $1,500 to ensure the car is in the best condition possible for you. 

The first steps of the recon process involve:
•    Inventory Specialist checks in vehicles as they arrive at our dealership to verify mileage and all features on the vehicle.
•    A 5-10 mile test drive is then taken by one of our certified technicians.
•    A Multi-point inspection is performed after the test drive and includes the following:
* Scan vehicle computers to check for any diagnostic trouble codes
* Perform a battery and charging system test
* Visually inspect all tires and measure depths to ensure all tires are safe
* Visually inspect all suspension components and vehicles undercarriage
* Visually inspect engine, transmission, cooling system and more for any leaks
* Check condition of all brake components

From there, one of our service managers or service advisers will source all the parts needed for the recommended repairs and dispatch the work to our technicians.

After all repairs have been completed, vehicles will be driven by multiple service team members for quality control.  All vehicles then receive a NYS Inspection prior to being available for sale.  

Step 3: Vehicle Detailing
Once the vehicle is through our reconditioning process it is professionally detailed to give a thorough cleaning, polishing, buffing, and waxing. 

This ensures that you can drive it home today....E-Z as 1-2-3!

When steps 1-3 are completed, the vehicle is immediately ready for purchase. So why are we telling you all of this? We want you to have full peace of mind and confidence knowing you purchased a quality vehicle from us, and that we are keeping you in mind before and after the sale. Before you go anywhere else to buy your next pre-owned used car truck, van, or SUV, just ask yourself if the dealer you are working with would go through this much effort for you before and after the sale. If not, we look forward to helping you get into your next E-Z Loan Auto Sales vehicle!  Remember, we've earned the name WNY's largest Buy Here Pay Here auto dealer and we are proud of it. 

Questions or comments about our presale process? Let us know below and someone will get back to you ASAP!

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